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Garage door problems during the winter season.

It’s that time of year again folks, the winter season is upon us once again. With the temperatures dropping, your garage becomes the go to place to store vehicles. Due to the cold weather, garage door problems can be common and keep you from pulling your vehicle inside. Knowing the common problems can help you prevent any garage door problems you may have this coming winter season.

Some of these problems can include excess grease, be sure to find the right balance of lubrication of grease to not throw your rollers out of alignment. The contact of metal during the cold temperature can effect garage door’s springs and screws making other metallic materials to shrink and seize up.

The best approach to avoid any garage problems is to have a good maintenance on your garage doors. By being consistent cleaning and careful usage on your garage should help your door functioning until spring season arrives.

A-1 Fleet Door Services is a full-service provider. We are certified and qualified to repair all types of doors from rolling steel doors to counter shutters and fire doors.

Please call A-1 Fleet Door Services to schedule a maintenance check today!

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