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How to deal with common garage door problems in the winter

As the winter months drag on, there are a host of problems the cold and wet can cause for any New Hampshire homeowner. If your house has a garage, the winter season can actually have a great effect on the function and life of your garage. Here is a list of common garage door problems that occur in winter, and some suggestions on how to take care of them, so you can have a fully-functioning garage door all year-round.

Contracting metal

When the temperatures dip down rapidly, many components in your garage door opener can actually shrink from the cold. Broken garage door opener springs are a common problem in the winter when the metal contracts rapidly enough to break. Especially if your opener is older, the aged metal is more susceptible to breakage. How to avoid this? Apply a high-quality lubricant, like 30-weight oil, to any moving metal components in your garage door’s mechanisms – a well-lubricated opener is always recommended, but reducing friction is a must-do in the winter if you want to minimize the risk of a broken spring, or worse. Ultimately, ask yourself if it’s time for a new opener.

Increased moisture

Especially if your garage door is made of wood, the increased moisture that comes with snow and sleet can actually make your door swell. A swollen and therefore, a heavier door will strain your garage door opener and may damage any jambs surrounding the door. In some cases, the door may not even be able to open. How to prevent this? Keep your garage door’s surroundings clear of any snow or ice – while you can’t prevent the increased moisture in the air, you can prevent as much contact as possible with big moisture sources like snow. If possible, upgrade your garage door to material like steel or aluminum to avoid these issues.

Weather stripping damage

The weather stripping at the base of your door is important for keeping the cold air from blasting into your garage. This stripping becomes vulnerable in the wintertime. Especially if the rubber of the stripping is older, it is susceptible to cracking and overall weakening. Always inspect your weather stripping before the weather gets cold, to catch any initial problems before the temperatures dip and these problems worsen. If the weather gets icy, there is a chance your stripping can get iced to the ground, and the stripping can get torn off when you open the door. Keeping the base of the garage door clear of snow and ice can help prevent this, as well as frequent inspections of the base of your garage door.

Remember, the better you maintain your garage doors, the longer they serve safely and efficiently. This is why it’s essential to have a professional perform maintenance as well, in order to identify hidden dangers. Contact A-1 Fleet Door Services today and get through the winter with peace of mind.

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