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Why you should think twice about DIY garage door openers

When you are looking at buying a new garage door opener, there are two routes you can go: retail or professional. Retail would be purchasing your garage door opener at a store and installing it yourself. Professional garage door openers are supplied and installed by licensed professionals. The biggest different between the two types of openers is the rail. Retail garage door openers are designed with the rails split pieces the have to be assembled. This allows for the rails to be easily packaged into a smaller box to fit better in you vehicle. Professional garage door openers only have one piece rails.

We understand the appeal of DIY home improvement projects, but we have seen an extreme difference in quality of the retail openers. Multi-piece retail rails are less durable and not as strong as as the professional grade single piece rail. Professional model openers are more rigid and stable and last longer.

When choosing a garage door opener you want your door to be safe, operate properly, and on opener that will stand the test of time. Cost is also a factor. You can save money by buying a retail opener and installing it yourself, but the results can be risky if not done properly. Any errors in installation could cause problems or shorten the lifespan of your door or opener. Of course you could buy the retail opener and then hire a professional to install it, but this often ends up costing more than a professional garage door opener and installation. The price is not so different to hire a garage door contractor to install a professional model garage door opener and you are guaranteed that your door is balanced, safe, and working at its highest efficiency.

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