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Why your garage door may be putting you at risk for break-ins

Replacing your garage door and garage door opener can reduce your risk of home break-ins and intruders.

You care about the safety of your family and your home. You lock your doors, and maybe even have a security system installed, but have you considered the threat created by your outdated garage door or garage door opener? According to statistics compiled across metropolitan and suburban police departments, almost half of all break ins and residential burglaries are caused by a garage door left open, or an outdated system. Your neighborhood may seem safe, but in reality Derry has been hit recently by a string of break ins this January, make sure your home is safe.

For increased safety, consider a keypad entry system mounted outside your garage door or fingerprint scan. They are a very popular garage door accessory. And if you feel like your home is at high risk you can also consider open-door alert system. The video below addresses how a keypad or remote lock system can protect you from common garage door break-in problems

New garage doors can be equipped with an open garage door monitor that can be affixed to your door system. When a garage door is left open, a warning light will indicate “open door” – a signal for you to close your garage door. Homeowners can sleep easy, knowing their garage doors are closed and their families are safe.

We also recommend closing your door when it’s not in use. You should also keep your remote on your key-ring instead of the visor clip in your car. This ensures your remote is with you at all times. Thieves who are committed enough will break into cars parked outside the garage, or even steal your remote out of your car in a parking lot and track down your house based off of the information on the documents they find in your car.

Replacing your garage door maybe an aesthetic decision to boost the curb appeal of your house, but consider replacing it to increase security as well for the sake of your family, your home, and your belongings. For more information on garage doors, openers, and garage door security systems, contact your local garage door dealer, A1-Fleet Door Service. Visit our website at or contact us directly at 603.553.9797

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