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A guide to garage door openers

There are many different types of garage door openers on the market to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You may not be quite sure where to start when making a decision on the best option for you, but it may come down to your priorities and needs. Still, you may find that the “drive type, ” which is the actual chain, belt, or another mechanism that moves and lifts the door, may be the most important point of consideration when choosing a garage door opener. By understanding the features provided by various garage door openers out there, you can more easily determine the best option for you.

Standard Garage Door Opener

Standard garage door openers are often similar in their design, whereby a remote and wall-mount button or keypad are employed to open the garage door, and a manual release disengages the opener from inside the garage, raising or lowering the door.

Chain-drive Garage Door Opener

This type of garage door opener uses a metal chain to drive the trolley, raising or lowering the garage door. Chain-drive openers are budget-friendly, but their downside is that they are noisy and creates a lot of vibration. This type of system is ideal for properties that are detached from the house.

Belt-drive Garage Door Opener

While similar in function to the chain-drive system, belt-drive garage door openers use a rubber belt to maneuver the trolley, opening and closing the garage door, rather than a chain. A rubber belt allows for quieter, smoother operation and motions that create less vibration than a system that depends on a chain belt. This low maintenance system is great for homes with living or sleeping spaces above or adjacent to the garage.

Screw-drive Garage Door Opener

Employing a threaded steel rod that rotates to move the trolley along the track to raise or lower the door, a screw-drive garage door opener facilitates a quieter and smoother motion when compared to the chain-drive systems. It requires less maintenance because it has a reduced number of moving parts. Like belt drives, screw drive garage openers are great for homes featuring living or sleeping spaces above or adjacent to the garage.

Direct-drive Garage Door Opener

Featuring a quiet mechanism with a motor that functions as the trolley to raise or lower the door, requiring no belt, chain or threaded piece in the system. It is less complicated than all the other systems, with a single moving part, producing minimal noise and vibration, and requires very little maintenance. The direct drive opener is an ideal for properties of varying sizes or layouts.

Choosing the right garage door opener for your property may require having solid information about the various options on the market. Each has its pros and cons, and as such, it is up to you to decide which features you want in an opener and if it’s ideal for your property. Contact A-1 Fleet Door Services today and we’ll help you find what’s best for your needs and budget. Call today or reach out online for questions and estimates.

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