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How to choose your new garage doors

Curb appeal is a massive factor impacting your home’s overall charm and, of course, its market value. A new garage door is one of the ways to alter your home’s curb appeal. A front-facing garage door can cover 20% of your home’s front. According to a JELD-WEN survey, in America, the garage is the most common entry into the house. Given the large percentage of space that this occupies, modernizing the garage door on your home can improve your home’s impression significantly.


Garage doors are varied but come in four basic types: ones that swing out, roll up, swing up or slide to the side. Depending on what you want to do with the garage, your choices become a bit more specific. If you want to showcase the roof of the garage then a sliding or outward swinging door become the best options. If you don’t want to showcase the roof then a swing up door is the most common choice. Swing up doors will require a track with about 14 inches of headroom, but custom tracks can be made upon request for various types of homes or buildings.


The door must suit the style of the house. If you have a Victorian style home then you must look for types of garage doors that compliment the overall look of the home. Craftsman-style homes tend to have swing-out doors, so a modern style door can more easily match it if its also a swing-out door or has features specific to the type of home you have. Most styles of garage doors can have featured panels, trims and detailing to aid with the overall look as well as make it easier to match the rest of the facade.


Finally, you’ll have the pick the materials used to make the doors themselves. Materials vary and so do their costs and looks. Wood offers charm and authenticity but can be moderately or quite expensive depending on the type of wood used. Wooden doors will also need frequent repairs as they are susceptible to damage in humid environments. Steel is a better choice than wood in terms of maintenance since its tough but relatively inexpensive. Steel, however, can rust, so you will need to fix rusted spots, scratches, and dents. Fiberglass can be added to steel doors to help make them resist dents and rust. Aluminum is another good choice as it is rust proof and tough. On a flip side, aluminum doors are expensive and can cost around $10,000. Less expensive options are available such as high-density polyethylene.

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