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How often should I schedule garage door maintenance?

For most homeowners, garage door upkeep isn’t high on their to-do lists unless something goes wrong. Once a problem occurs, though, not having a functional garage door can quickly become frustrating. Many people don’t realize just how much they rely on these doors to just work like they’re supposed to. The best way to prevent garage door issues is to schedule routine maintenance to keep your unit in excellent working order.

You might be wondering, however, how frequently you should have your home’s garage door inspected and why exactly this is so important. These are normal questions that will be answered here! As you continue reading, you’ll discover some common FAQs regarding garage door maintenance and how it is likely to impact your family.

Why does garage door upkeep matter?

In addition to preventing frustration, the primary purpose of routine garage door maintenance is to keep you and your family safe. Garage doors are extremely heavy and, if they malfunction, can lead to serious injuries, particularly for small children and pets. Garage door parts can go bad quite quickly, so having regular inspections ensures that every machine is in good working order and allows experts to catch potential problems before anyone gets harmed.

Who should perform garage door maintenance?

Garage door inspections and repairs should only be performed by professionals. If you try to maintain your garage door yourself, you may miss telltale signs that a specific part is going out simply because you don’t have a background in how these types of doors function. By hiring a reputable professional to perform maintenance for you, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be protected from any serious malfunctions.

How frequently does my garage door need to be checked?

This is a great question! You and your garage door specialist will have to create a maintenance plan that works for your budget and for the type of door you have. Different manufacturers recommend different maintenance schedules, so it’s important to read your user’s guide before scheduling an appointment.

Typically, however, having garage door maintenance performed once per year is sufficient. If your door suddenly stops functioning when you don’t have an appointment scheduled, simply call your home maintenance expert and he or she will set-up a time to repair your garage door.

Hopefully, this brief guide has helped you understand more about garage door safety and why properly maintaining your door matters. Remember, it is crucial to listen to the advice your professional gives you in order to keep your family safe for years to come. Contact A-1 Fleet Door Services today to schedule your regular garage door maintenance!

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