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4 warning signs that your garage door needs a replacement

Garages have proven themselves useful for decades. Whether you store your car, holiday decorations, or simply like to have a place to put things away until you can figure out what to do with them a garage is as much an icon of the domestic American life as a white picket fence. Something most folks don’t think about, however, is when is it time to get my garage door repaired or replaced? An obvious answer is whenever it stops working, however, to avoid being late for work or locked out of the garage there are a few good ways to determine if you need to call a repairman or garage door service.


If you begin to hear noises that normally didn’t come out of your garage/opener you may be in need of repair. Often, the noise level of types of noises is a clear indication that you will need to replace some or all of the parts involved in making your garage work. Keep your ear tuned in to make sure you avoid a disaster in the making.

Sagging Door

While the garage door will not always remain as stiff as it was upon installation, the last thing you need is a loose and sagging garage door. Whether your door is made of wood or some other composite material, sagging is indicative of some serious structural problems with your garage door. Don’t risk your car being crushed and call a repairman as soon as this problem becomes visible.

Improper Function

While this may seem self-explanatory it is important to remember that just because there is no visible sagging or audible issues, your garage door may still be in need of maintenance or repair. For example, if the opening/closing mechanisms are not responding well or don’t open entirely this can be a sign of a dangerous problem. Keep your family, pets, and vehicles safe by calling a repairman.

Old Designs

It is a good rule of thumb that once something mechanical gets too old that you look into repairs, more intensive maintenance, or simply replacement. You never want to find yourself explaining to the insurance company how it is exactly your own garage door crushed your car’s roof.

All told, you are better off opting on the side of caution – especially when dealing with a heavy garage door. So, don’t wait and don’t hesitate, contact A-1 Fleet Door Services today and get a free estimate on your replacement door!

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