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Important questions to ask before buying a new garage door

It can be difficult to determine when the best time to replace your garage door is, but there is an even better question, when is the right time to replace your garage doors? By “right” we mean when is the optimal time to replace your garage door when the old one has finally had enough.

Reasons to buy a new Garage Door

People often purchase a new garage door for many reasons, whether it being for aesthetic purposes, like changing your garage door to match the front door, going for a newer model, replacing it due to damage, if your chain lines are wearing out and so forth. Because of the variety of reasons that people get new garage doors, we will dive into a few important topics to look into and explain the best route to take when it might be time to go new regarding design and durability.

Do I Really Need It?

When that old Garage door has finally started to lose its shine, it might be easy to think of just getting a new garage door, but there are a few things to check before determining if it is truly time for a replacement. It is important to weigh your options based on the situation.


If you are thinking of painting your home, or getting a new front door and are worried that the new color scheme might clash with your old garage door, this isn’t necessarily the time to buy a new garage door as well. Depending on the material of your current garage door, it may be possible to paint it as well, so that you can give that garage door new life! However, if you are making multiple steps to modernize your home, opting for fiberglass, or composite garage doors is a great way to increase energy efficiency as well as give your home a sleek look.


If you have noticed that your garage door is opening slowly or even jamming then it may be time to replace the opening motor and gearbox. Sometimes it is as simple as having a technician come out for a tuneup, but if you need a replacement, now is a good time to look into a new garage door as you will be replacing a key aspect of the door.

Should I install it Myself?

While it is never a bad thing to do it yourself when it comes to any home improvement project, unless you are handy with electrical, motors, or framing, it is best to have a professional come out and install your new garage door for you, this helps to ensure that any garage installation is ensured and protected against any future issues!

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