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How to pick the perfect garage door

The word “perfect” is subjective when comparing the styles, tastes, needs, and interests of one person to another. When it comes to style, that could not be any truer. Choosing a Garage Door for your home is an important decision as it is going to be something that is clearly visible (depending on the design of your home) and it is going to be something you frequently encounter, so naturally, it is important that you enjoy the view!

Curb Appeal

If you frequently use your garage door as a primary point of entry, you surely want something that you are going to enjoy looking at day after day. The same goes for your facade, as a garage door is a primary component of most homes, it is important to choose a design that not only compliments the entire layout of your home. It is also important to think ahead if you plan to sell your home, while that bright neon pink garage door might be what you’ve always dreamed of, would a potential buyer share the same opinion? When it comes to picking the perfect garage door for your home it is important to focus on 3 things: Design, ROI, & Safety.


When it comes to determining the perfect garage door for your home, choosing your design is the first step of many when replacing or installing new garage doors. With advancements in technology, there are a plethora of design options to choose from. Some popular styles range from traditional doors, swinging stable garage doors, with the option of adding shot or long panel designs, as well as adding windows to increase the natural light in your garage.

Energy Savings

While the design phase is an important aspect when it comes to choosing a new garage door for your home, rising energy costs have made it so that more homeowners are looking for options that will help improve the energy efficiency of your home, and reduce heat loss in the winter. Look into garage door options that offer high R-Value thermal insulation for the most efficient insulation.


The Primary Types of Garage Door Insulation:
Depending on the region and climate you live in, each type of insulation may benefit you better. Be sure to research which type of insulation may suit your needs best!


Garage Doors can be created using a variety of materials depending on what you will need from your garage door. Options range from tough and durable, to lightweight and easy to manage. With nearly unlimited choices from design, style, and material, your options are only limited by your creativity. Listed below are some of the most common garage doors.

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Composite / Fiberglass

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