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Why garage door maintenance should be a priority

When it comes to home repair, upkeep, and maintenance we tend to adopt an “if it’s not broken, I’ll deal with it later” mentality. While that may work well for most situations, when it comes to safety, security, and having a functioning garage door at all times of the year, it is important to regularly check the components of your garage door to make sure that everything is in working order. This includes checking to see if there is rust on any equipment, if it looks like your motor is struggling, to checking the hinges and locks on your garage door; these things are important as it is never fun when your garage door gets stuck halfway open during the winter, or if you lose your keys and can’t enter your house because the garage door won’t work. Regular maintenance checks help reduce these issues and help bring peace of mind to your home.


Security & Security

Safety and security are among the top priorities when it comes to your family, your home, and life in general. We always strive to ensure that our home is always protected, whether it be sturdy locks, an alarm system, or even a guard dog; but with all that attention spent have you neglected to check the security of your garage door? While Garage doors are fairly sturdy, over time chains, and locking mechanisms can become loose, greatly reducing the structural integrity of your door. By scheduling regular maintenance calls you can have the satisfaction knowing that your home is protected from all angles


Protect Your Products

As a business owner, there is nothing more important than keeping your products and goods safe. With neglected or aging garage doors, you run the risk of unwanted visitors, break-ins, destruction of property and more. To reduce the risk of break-ins, and any other unexpected situations, it is wise to regularly check your garage door for any changes.

Reduce Emergency Service Calls

An unexpected breakdown of any asset can cause major headaches for business owners, distributors, and any party involved in the process. There is nothing more hectic than having a clog in your delivery chain, the worst thing is these situations usually happen with little or no notice ahead of time. If you rely heavily on your equipment operating at peak efficiency, be sure to always check your locks, gears, and mechanical parts of your garage doors. For the sake of keeping a smooth delivery chain, it never hurts to schedule regular garage door maintenance calls.

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